Chemical exposure and gene mutations

I was contaminated by 44+ heavy metals and gases and solvents pesticides, herbicides, etc and want to find out when I look at my Variance report, can I tell there were chromosome problems due to the contamination? What do I look for?

No, that’s not how it works

Genomic reports (such as variances) will show you what you were born with, i.e. what you inherited from your parents. They won’t show chromosome damage from, say, environmental exposures, or any “epigenetic” changes which can affect the switching on or off of gene expression. Such epigenetic changes can indeed be passed down to offspring.

On the other hand, some genes do have relevance to how well one’s body can handle environmental toxins and other stresses; i.e. to susceptibility to problems, ability to detox, etc. Males are known to have poorer ability to excrete Mercury than females, for example; likely a hormonal influence that is controlled by genetics.

I rather doubt (but am unsure) that there are any tests that can determine whether there is chromosomal damage at this stage.

On a side note: it is possible to help your body eliminate (at least to a signficant extent) toxins. It was discovered years ago that I had a LOT of mercury & lead in my system; and with the help of an M.D. knowledgeable about such matters I was able to gradually reduce those numbers through various chelation & detox support protocols.

I’m not sure but suspect this can be done with various other chemicals…it’s worth asking. I recommend seeking a doctor who specializes in “functional medicine”, which is oriented to addressing such systemic / fundamental issues.

You do have genes which if compromised and symptomatic will allow your body to be much more reactive to those exposures. The key is to map your Gene’s, see the weakest points and pathways, then strengthen those, in the correct order. Adding supplements without knowing what they will affect is a recipe for disaster. Let me know if you want help.

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