Metal sensitivity

Are there any genes related to metal sensitivity?

What kind of metal sensitivity are you wondering about?

I’ve been interested in this topic as well. I’m sensitive to nickel in both jewelry and foods (I get eczema when I eat foods high in nickel, like chocolate). Recently, I’ve wondered if my genetic variations have led to a build up of nickel in my body to the point that I became sensitive. I have some genetic variations that mean my liver is not very good at detoxing, so maybe I just have too much nickel in me and need to pull it out through detoxing or chelation, although I would have to go super slow and gentle to not overburden my inefficient liver!

Contact sensitivity to nickel is mostly from environmental factors, not genetic:

A low nickel diet and/or nickel chelation are possible therapies:


Thanks for your response! I have been having health issues and found out that I have metal clips in me from when I had my gallbladder removed. I am also unable to wear most jewelry because of sensitivity to metals. I have seen many Dr’s that tell me they have never heard of people being sensitive to sergerical clips. I appreciate the links you attached. I didn’t know if there are any genes related to metal sensitivity.

I’m allergic to aluminum because of RhoGam and allergy shots.