Is suicide genetic?

I have several suicides in close family, is this a genetic thing?

That would depend on if the suicides were related to a medical condition such as depression, which does have some gene-health associations. Otherwise i doubt if the act itself would be genetic.

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I think that increased oxidative stress caused by gene variants that impair detoxification cause depression. Add in environmental toxins such as wireless radiation and you increase oxidative stress. Some variants are associated with suicide. More research is becoming available regarding treating some of the variants with forms of b vitamins that are easier to methylate. The CTH variant impairs glutathione. I inject compounded glutathione three times a week and this helps me detox while improving my mood. Without the glutathione I do not sweat. Wireless radiation activates the voltage gated calcium channels in cells that leads to many other changes increasing the depletion of glutathione and other nutrients. We are now living in an environment that has an unprecedented increase in wireless radiation, billions of time higher than the levels were ten year ago. Sources of this toxin are WiFi, so called “Smart Meters”, cell towers, dect phones and many more. For resources for reducing Radio Frequency and other electrical pollution I recommend and

CTH is also known to raise homocysteine as much as MTHFR does. It is the bottleneck of the detox channel (more than CBS, perhaps) and it is given little attention. I am homozygous for the clinical variant and thus am similar to you. Glutathione is super important, but I would use caution as a team which included Dr. Neil Nathan and other prominent MD’s studied this pathway with regards to CFS. They found that we can create something called “methylation block syndrome”, I believe. When I learned this (from Neil Nathan himself) I switched over the glutathione’s precursor NAC. Honestly I didn’t experience any issues on glutathione, but I also don’t feel any worse now on NAC. I’m sure I’ll be on it for the rest of my life, lol!