Chemical Contamination and genes

Was on a military fort that was chemically, biologically and radiologically contaminated by over 40 chemicals in 1970. Some are classified as heavy metals. Can these chemicals change my DNA which would be the DNA listed on here? If so, is there something on this DNA that would show I was chemically contaminated? Now outlawed was PCB’s among other things causing many medical issues. Someone with DNA knowledge who can look at my Variance Report let me know please.

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h, Rod, so sorry you were exposed, just wanted to thank you for serving to keep us free!
we’re all being invaded with the chem trails here in FL, probably all over, dropping barium, alumininum and God knows what else,
thanks again and be blessed…


Environmental physicians can test for weird stuff. There is one at Boston Medical Center thast has an undergraduate in Geology. They are usually in Occupational Health. Large teaching hospitals may have one. Call Patient Liason at a big hospital, or the medical librarian.

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