Newbie question!

Hi everyone! I apologize for my complete ignorance here, also for the fact that all my questions have likely been asked and answered before. But, here it is. I just got my variance report, obviously very overwhelming. I’m really wondering about the mutated genes with a +/-. Am I at any risk with those ones? The half mutated ones? I have a lot of COMT that are half mutated and a mthfr C677T with a +/-. So, does that just mean I’m more of a carrier for that mutation or could that half mutation still be effecting me? I’m really trying to get to the bottom of a lot of digestive issues and energy that I have. I mean, honestly if I eat Paleo or Keto, all that seems to clear up, but I’m still curious about whats going on.

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I have the same scenario. Simple terms the + means you inherited the variant from one parent and the - means you didn’t from the other. +/+ means you inherited it from both. Where it gets confusing is, just because you inherited a variant doesn’t mean it has been turned on in your body.
I had a vitamin B deficiency despite taking vitamin B so my Dr has had me taking the MTHFR vitamin B vitamins. It took a little while but now I have normal vitamin B labs. That proved the variant was turned on for me. Has your Dr tested you for your vitamin deficiency?

Here is another example. I tested positive on both sides for all four M.S. genes variants; I have M.S. but I am a high functioning person with M.S. I was diagnosed before I did the DNA testing so we were quite shocked and thankful that I am doing so well.

I hope that helps, Sonya


Hi. For most of us, our genes are our direction not or destiny. You stated that eating Paleo or Keto, all seems to clean up and that is good, keep doing that. I recommend you go to Facebook and look for Dr. Ben Lynch and click on the Video link on the left side. He talks about C677T, fast and slow COMT, fast and slow MAOA, the 7 main genes that affect our lives and how to clean your genes. I have C677T +/+ and fast COMT and fast MAOA. Everything is good. He does offer a book called Dirty Genes. I don’t make any money off the book, but I highly recommend getting it on Amazon. I bought mine for $16 and free shipping under new and used books.