Can i take Covid-19 vaccines with my genes?

Hello, friends,
Did somebody consulted with your doctor about vaccination before do it?

Maybe i could find a service, that could tell me from my gene variance report or raw file about the risk of taking mrnr vaccine from Covid 19?

Please, share info, who knows something about it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Quite frankly, I haven’t had the shot, don’t intend to get the shot and tell everyone I know to think long and hard before injecting yourself with toxins that are NOT vaccines. They invade your cells and turn them into things you don’t really want to know about. There are plenty of articles on Bing, Google and other search engines that will give you the scientific views behind my decision not to go down the track of having a shot to ‘prevent’ an illness that even those in the age 80 and up bracket have a 92% chance of surviving. It’s not about your genes, it’s about the science. The year 2020 had the same number of deaths world wide as in the previous 4 years. Pandemic?? Where is it??? Keep your hands and environment clean, use bio friendly household cleaners, eat healthy ie. pesticide free and don’t hang around people that are clearly sick with something. Take vitamins C, D and zinc and don’t worry. It’s the worry that will kill you faster than anything.

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Thanks for answer. I think the same! :wink:
But in Lithuania the government pushing us very much to take shots and discriminizing us…

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Can’t agree more! But don’t overlook how gene therapies have now turned the pandemic into a monster. Because mRNA “vaccines” do not kill the pathogen, they foster a perfect environment for mutated resistance. Much more will emerge as a result.

I would add: Search for “Rapid Virus Recovery”

Thomas Levy is a guiding light when we are faced with intractable health assaults. He discusses treatments that can be incredibly quick as well as effective. A primary treatment is easy to take and literally costs pennies. There are no toxic side effects, and it is readily available to anyone. Loads of legitimate science proves it is not too good to be true. As the AMZ listing reads: Let’s all put COVID in the rearview mirror, forever.

Also genes do play a role, but for the next 30 years I’m sure we will not understand how. There are so many levels of redundancy in out bodies that we will miss critical pathways when we try to pin down simple answers. Knowing the effect of genes can steer a response but life choices and constant biohacking will make up most of our results.

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I called a local doctor listed on here and asked her the same question. I already sort of knew the answer but she confirmed it for me. Genes can only affect us when expressed and so many factors like environment, diet, etc., can work in combination to express those genes. What might be expressed in one might not express in another. We just don’t know. I’m not taking it. Go to Telegram and look up Vaccine Cards

Okay, let’s keep this off politics and conspiracy theory, and let’s stick to the genetics questions and answers.

Well, my parents are both high risk, so when they got their vaccines, I got mine. We all had varied side effects, and I wonder why. I had the worst side effects that lasted just 3 days, but then I was overnight better and perfectly fine. I do wonder what gene variation is at play, but it could be other risk factors like age (for some reason older people tend to have LESS side effects), health (although I am very healthy, much healthier than my parents I’d say, although my dad does exercise and eat well, but he had just a sore arm at the injection site side), health history, etc. But it was the strangest thing since genetics are closest when comparing a child to the parents, I’d say (or are siblings closer?).

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