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Hi, I am new to all this! I have a lot of +/- and +/+ on a variety of things. How do you know if it is enough to go to a geneticist?

hi Chatadmin!

i am wanting to hire someone to help me figure out all my info from livelwello. I have gone on your list of practitioners but i would like to find someone in Maine, NH or MA.

are you able to tell me of anyone in these states that is epigenetic savvy and who can read and interpret my livewello results.

thanks for any help you may provide,

Hi Charlotte,
I see that you’re looking for a practitioner close to your area. My service is based online. Most of my clients provide me with their Genetic Raw Data and some also send me the reports that they already have from websites like Livewello. Regardless, I always still create Methylation & Detox Reports even if you already know what your mutations are because it is through this process that I build your personalized recommended protocol.

My reports differ from the computer generated ones in that I explain what these mutations mean in an easily understandable way, including what symptoms they cause, how this relates to you, and what to take in order to slow down or activate the genes’ pathways. They are also much more personalized. The form where you submit your raw data and variance reports also contains a couple of questions: your current symptoms, diagnosis, medications. This allows me to further personalize the reports with notes for you such as " *This gene is likely responsible for your fatigue" etc.

In creating your protocol, I also include recommendations for any of your symptoms that I may not find to be linked to your mutations.

Let me know if you have any questions.
I will be logging into this site regularly. Or you could always email me at elevatedhealthsolutions@gmail.com where I’m sure to respond promptly.

Warm Regards,

Darla Armstrong, HHP
Elevated Health Solutions www.elevatedhealthsolutions.com