Covid -19 vaccine

I have a very high running immune system according to my genetic doctor. I was wondering how people with a overactive immune system respond to a covid-19 vaccine

I also have a MTHFR C677T homozygous mutation.


Why not see an immunologist to investigate the cause? I’m deep in the maze of immune illness. They have a standard set of labs they run for serum IgA/G/M, key cytokenes like C4, C4a, C1, T-Cell status, then the standard CBC and the other one that includes liver, kidney, etc. Anything unusual and then the REAL interesting part begins. Just because you have genes that indicate disease doesn’t mean they are expressing as disease. DNA is a blueprint - the environment is what causes mitochondria to expose and express or hide/heal disease based “on the weather” - basically.

MTHFR C677T in isolation merely indicates you need a more bioavailable form of B9. (methylfolate). Other players like VDK or COMT and now your starting to tell a story (vitamin D and which form of B12 is most efficient for your body.

You are smart to wonder, as any vaccine will invoke the innate immune response, increase inflammation while it is activated, then if you’re lucky, the memory immunoglogins receive the “mugshot”, as it were. (that process is broken in me, among others).

“They” will tell you if you have any sort of underlying condition, then you would be better off getting the vaccine. I just read an article in “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” encouraging those with neruological diseases like Parkinson’s or MS to be vaccinated because IF they got COVID, they might have complications.

I look at the way you are - ok, I have so many auto-immunes, chronic viral disseminated encephalomyelitis, lung disease, chronic infection I’ve been taking “maintenance” prescriptions weekly for 2-5 years now, and the cascade continues. “They” would say I’m edging “highest risk” and SHOULD get the vaccine. I say no way! Permeable blood-brain barrier, brain auto-immune AND inflammation, basically “MS but caused by 2 viruses” and serum IgG through the roof. That’s the short list. Not to mention I was on immunotherapy (allergy shots) for years but kept having reactions. Not allergic reactions but systemic reactions. Epi-pens were ineffective, but the forced fluids on the way to the ER seemed to stabilize my blood pressure. (They were keeping me frozen on the ramp protocol so I quit altogehter - if I wasn’t going to continue to ramp then get to maintenance, then why bother - was my view) AND, I know that if ultra safe allergy shots had that effect on my CNS, I can’t imagine inserting “partial viral material” into a system already in a precarious balance.

BECAUSE I’m sick, I get to experience segregation and being omitted from various social freedoms that “card-carrying VAX’ers” will be permitted freely. It has been over-reaction from the get-go (which is usually an indicator of something bigger, but I won’t go there :wink:)

So that’s why I suggest to ask an immunologist, not a geneticist. :smile:

An “overactive immune system” has endless causes, and there are endless tests. If it’s allergies or food sensitivity (ask for an ALCAT test, you will be surpised!), you’re likely fine - - - just as fine as everyone else taking an un-tested vaccine. Issues around blood clots are showing up now, months later, with 3 of the big name vaccines in the States. The phenomenon was previously unknown because they never had a large enough sample size when fast-tracked to include enough heritages and mutations to represent the general population.

My view - given that if I did get the virus, it would cause more neurological issues. That’s a given. The survival rate is 99%. Your chances of making it through safe are better if you caught the virus, honestly. And in terms of immunology, they should be testing before and after to determine if you even NEED a vaccine, and then once given, did it “take”. (I was given pneumonia vaccines and only half of the pathogen updates “took”.)

My last though…if someone had an adverse reaction, I don’t think they’d be on this forum.

Good luck with your decision process.

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Thank you very much for your input. It helps

We are finishing up a Covid-19 genetic risk score v4.0 (v3.0 is not longer offered), should be done in a month or so. Email me at and I’ll let you know when it’s done…

Also, don’t forget to get the AncestryDNA genetic test. It’s the only commercially available direct to consumer test that has some of the Covid variants I have in the panel. Don’t get anything extra, just the basic $99 test, and we will extract the raw data when it’s complete.



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It is very very interesting can i take a vaccine from covid-19, or not…?
How it work on my health?
Or maybe i strictly should not take it?
Val, when will you answer us? :slight_smile:
I have updated my raw file at (the old one is 3 years old already) :wink: