Sulfur/Sulfate Intolerance, Thiamine & Anxiety

Hello, I have similar issues when I eat foods high in Sulfur/Sulfate. I do have gut issues and have gluten/yeast intolerance issues. take Benfotiamine. I have history of anxiety issues, went gluten/diary free and it helped. Now I face anxiety/panic attacks with high Sulfur/Sulfate supplements. I want to take Vitamin B1 but I got panic attack with it. Have similar problem with Fermented foods, High Fibre and Epsom salts (Magnesium salts). It looks like I have high CBS activity.

I would be greatful if anyone can help here.

CBS (rs2124458) TC 45.7% +/-
CBS (rs2124459) TC 49.2% +/-
CBS A13637G (rs2851391) TT 19.9% +/+
CBS (rs1789953) CT 25.3% +/-
CBS (rs234714) TT 5.9% +/+
HLA-DQA2 (rs2858331) GG 18% +/+
HLA-DQ2.2 (rs7775228) CC 2% +/+
HLA-DQ2.2 (rs2395182) TG 32.7% +/-
rs2910393 SULT2A1 A13527G T CT +/-
rs2547231 SULT2A1 G9598T A AA +/+

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Molybdenum will be the answer to all your CBS problems.

CBS problems? CBS meaning what and why use Molybdenum? I have heard of Moly being used for infertility and mense issues.

Molybdenum is used as a cofactor in sulfite metabolism. People with SUOX variants also take molybdenum. Having an up-regulated CBS means your homocysteine levels will be kept low. This is a good thing! Won’t it be great to be able to drink white wine and eat dried apricots again? Go for it!

I was having good luck with 1mg of Mo for a year. Then, it started causing tachycardia which I then have to take potassium iodide for. Not sure what’s going on there yet.