Hello From Wisconsin! What types of B12 should i be taking and anything else i really need to help/avoid. Thanks much!

Hello, could you please summarize my 23andme raw data? I have read through your forums and blogs. Still needing help. Thank you~
comt v158m aa ++
comt h62h tt ++
vdr taq aa ++
mthfr a1298c gg ++
cbs c699t ag ±

cyp1b1 L432v CG ±
cyp2c1917 CT ±
1b 9896c>g CG ±
gstp1 I105v AG ±
sod2 a16v AG ±
nat2 I114T CT ±
nat2 R197Q AG ±
nat2 K268R AG ±

My honest opinion is if you ever take a vitamin supplement to make sure that it is either liquid, or in a gel capsule. Unfortunately we are unable to fully Digest solid vitamins of any type. Part of it always ends up getting lost in the digestive tract and ends up not being used. My old boss was a nutritionist so I learned a lot from her. Best way would definitely be a powder you can mix into a drink, or like I said a gel capsule that’s easier to break down. I’m currently on 5,000 ui Vitamin D supplements blood work showed I have a vitamin D deficiency but I also have celiacs meaning I don’t necessarily absorb nutrients properly

I beg of you to not take B12 or folate until you have worked with a practitioner. Here is a message I just wrote to a woman that came to me today desperately looking for help after taking a B12 shot and having a reaction.
If you are an OverMethylator which it sounds like you are:

B12, Folate, L-Theanine can push these types of people over the top. They get very bad reactions. If you are an “over” you will get more anxious by taking things like Glutamate because of the L-Theonine. You have tons of methyl groups floating around. Folate will create inflamation or anxiety when given too soon. I would look at your GAMT gene and your pathways to SAMe. Because, 70% of SAMe is used by the GAMT gene. We must have glutamate, glutatione, inflammation all under control prior to starting any type of Folate or B12. Also, we look at your MTR as it grabes B12 which flows to Homocysting to Methionine and if you are an upregulator with variances you will make this process go too fast. I also look at the GIF, TCN1 and 2, COMT, MAO and MTR is huge.

My process is to look at all of these and the other SNPs affected in the pathways. Then we start in a pyramid approach. I get your gut, detox, Nrf2/Keap1, Peroxynitrite, ammonia cycle, methionine cycle, BH4, NOS, mTOR/Autophagy all balanced PRIOR to ever touching the MTHFR/Folate issues.

If you are serious about not searching for opinions by other people and really want answers only directed by science about YOU, not solutions that worked for others, I can help. Please purchase the DNA kit and the Consultation on my website. You will receive an email to do a very detailed symptom survey which compares your answers to what your DNA is saying. You will also get a 40+ page totally customized answer to each SNP that affects YOU. You will also get a plan for what supplements you should take and why. Which ones NOT to take and the order is the most critical, as you can witness from your current reaction. You pushed your path too fast and had not resolved the other many issues your body has.

I hope you will work with me, I know I can give you answers.


Sharon S. Dedo

Methyl-Genetic Nutritional Counselor


Get your B12 level tested. If it’s high, it means you need methylB12. If you’re over 55, you need shots instead of B12 pills.