I am new to the site and I am interested in finding ways to improve my health and collaborate with my medical specialists to find out first, why I have been so sick and second what is the best course of treatment for my health issues.
I have had a quick decline in health since October of last year. I would like to try the Methylation Protocol but I have quite a few Heterozygous mutations and 4 homozygous gene mutations in my methylation profile alone. I also have mutations in my IGG,IGE,and IGA genes.
I have been tested for autoimmune diseases and Lyme disease all negative. I have IBS and I did have iron deficiency anemia which is now being classified as Megaloblastic anemia (my blood-work shows that my B12 levels are over the normal range, close to 1,000 and my folate levels are over the standard normal range as well 15.89). Megaloblastic Anemia usually occurs due to a deficiency in folate and/or B12. I am thinking that maybe I am not absorbing the b12 and folate even though it shows up as very high in my blood work. I have taken supplements for many years and I take methylb12 sublingual spray it does not increase my energy to make any noticeable difference toward my health improving that I have noticed.
Can anyone help me figure out how my methylation/detox results would affect me(side effects) if I started a methylation protocol? I am nervous because I am extremely sensitive to medications. Does anyone else have a similar profile and has had success with methyl vitamin supplements?
Thank you for any help you can offer.

CYP1B1 rs1056836 CG +/-
CYP2E1 rs2070676 CG +/-
CYP2E1 rs6413419 AG +/-
CYP3A4 rs2740574 CT +/-
GSTP1 rs1138272 CT +/-
GSTP1 rs1695 AG +/-
NAT2 rs1208 GG +/+
NAT2 rs1801280 CC +/+

BHMT-02 rs567754 CT +/-
CBS rs2851391 CT +/-
CBS rs4920037 AG +/-
CBS C699T rs234706 AG +/-
COMT rs6269 AG +/-
COMT H62H rs4633 CT +/-
COMT V158M rs4680 AG +/-
FOLR2 rs651933 AG +/-
G6PD rs1050829 CT +/-
GAD1 rs2241165 CT +/-
MTHFD1 rs1076991 CT +/-
MTHFD1L rs17349743 CT +/-
MTHFR rs1476413 CT +/-
MTHFR rs17367504 AG +/-
MTHFR A1298C rs1801131 GT +/-
MTHFS rs6495446 CT +/-
SOD2 rs4880 AG +/-
TYMSOS rs502396 CT +/-
VDR BSM rs1544410 CT +/-
VDR TAQ rs731236 AG +/-

MTRR rs1801394 GG +/+
NOS3 rs1800779 GG +/+
NOS3 rs2070744 CC +/+
SHMT1 rs1979277 AA +/+

I went through my own methylation snps that were homo and heterozygous hoping for health clues but found that my genetic concerns will always be dwarfed by environmental variables. When you watch what Stephanie Seneff details in her podcasts:


Progressive health challenges tend to be related to the environment rather than detox pathways s that have served us well in the past. It is difficult to get too concerned about snps, except as they relate to addressing environmental assaults.Toxins are so pervasive in our daily lives now that our liver and other detox pathways are overwhelmed, independently of our multi-thousand year old snps.

Thank you for responding. I agree that the environment plays a very significant role in health and well-being. Up until recently I didn’t realize that alot of problems I have may be due to gene mutations.I love to research and I am intellectually very curious. I believe genetics play a huge role in health, in diagnoses,in family preparation, in deciding treatment etc. I am happy I found this site because it allows me the opportunity to talk to people and share my health experiences,gene information. Hopefully in sharing on this site we can all help each other in some way. Thank you so much for sharing the links, I will check those out today. I found out that there is something wrong with my liver and pancreas(recently had an MRCP waiting on results). Having access to genetic studies and comparisons actually eases my anxiety regarding a multitude of health issues I am experiencing right now.
Again, thank you, I hope to get more involved in conversation as I familiarize myself with LiveWello.

Ignore your genes, they can’t help.

A combination of megaloblastic anaemia, iron deficiency anaemia and IBS-like symptoms are classic for Pernicious Anaemia.

PA is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks Gastric Parietal Cells (GPCs) in the stomach. This has two effects…

GOCs produce Intrinsic Factor (IF) which is required for B12 to cross the gut wall (it’s too large to get across in its own). With no GPCs you have no IF and, therefore, cannot absorb B12. Sublinguals and sprays are useless (the molecule is too large and too hydrophilic). You need injections of B12. Having low levels of IF can cause falsely high readings for serum B12.

GPCs also produce hydrochloric acid. With no GPCs you’re producing little acid (achlorhydria). Acid is required to liberate iron in food and to dissolve it once released. Try supplementing with iron (not iron sulfate, but iron fumarate or iron bisglycinate).

The acid is also responsible for protein digestion. Without it undigested proteins can make it into the large intestine. The bacteria that live there have a big party on the unexpected bonus. The result is bloating, gas and diarrhoea.

It is also responsible for killing any bacteria that get into the stomach. With no acid bugs find it easier to get into the small intestine, with more unwanted effects.

Achlorhydria can be remedied somewhat by adding acid to meals. Many drink apple cider vinegar. I prefer about 30 ml of lime juice added to a glass of orange, water or gin.

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Thank you, this is very useful information. Would Pernicious Anemia show up in blood work, or is there a test for this autoimmune disorder? I am seeing a Hematologist, she never mentioned this type of anemia. I am so tired of feeling sick and weak, I just want to feel better. Do you think that this type of anemia would cause my RDW-CV to be 20.8% higher than normal(highest normal range is 14.2%) and my RDW-SD is 63.1FL (highest normal range is 46 FL). My platelets were close to 500(higher than normal range) and in the past two weeks have dropped to 277 (normal range). I have two hetero mutations according to the intrinsic factor deficiency report I took.
MOCS2 rs12515434 is CT
CD320 rs2336573 is CT
I have a duodenal ulcer,do you think taking ACV in a small dose(one tablespoon) would irritate my ulcer?
My gastro doctor told me to take Milk of Mag once a day(IBS majority constipation symptoms) but the magnesium causes insomnia and RLS symptoms and does not help stomach issues at all.
I was told magnesium has a relaxing effect on most people but I have tried all types of mag with the same effect (I can’t sleep,I get restless leg,and an uncomfortable anxiety/energy that lasts for a few days).
I wonder if this reaction is tied to IF deficiency? Thinking out loud
Thanks again I really appreciate the help.

Sorry for your diagnosis…I do have a great place that you can learn more about your IBS it is www.perskyfarms.com it is a colitis forum and lots of members do understand the DNA aspect of IBS and can help with methylation questions too.

I hope you will check it out, everyone is very helpful there.

Many causes for IBS. Vitamin D-3 is critical (VDRtaq). Blood type diet might help (D’ Adamo) also histamine can cause problems. Eliminate gluten and dairy. Your concern about B-12 and folate levels seems correct. Try Hydroxocolabin form of B-12. Eat something with folate during the day. You can find a list online of high folate foods.

Hi there!
Do you know if your a secretor or non-secretor? If not check your gene rs601338++ AA. A lot of your issues are also non-secretor issues. If you are, this will answer a lot of you root problems. Also, do you know how much B12 is getting into your cells? Most doctors will just test what is floating outside the cells

How does one test to see if they are low in b12? I have 3 homozygous FUT2 genes!