I am red for every HNMT gene! Suffer from histamine intolerance and MCAS


Looking for help managing histamine intolerance and MCAS.

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I have MCAS too. First, I’d search “mcas mastzellaktivierung list” in google and click the first result, it’s a pdf rating guide. Follow that, it’s the most accurate I’ve seen.

I found a probiotic that really helped me called allergy research group Lactobacillus. It made a big difference in slowing down how quick I was becoming sensitive to stuff. Btw, D-lactate and histamine free Biifido probiotics didn’t help me much.

The doctor who diagnosed me put me on a mast cell stabilizer, sodium cromolyn, 4x day 5-10ml, it didn’t help me, but might be worth a shot. We switched to quercetin, 250mg titrated up to 1000mg before meals, I’m on 250mg so far, it helps so far. I use pure encapsulations quercetin, it doesn’t have the fillers that bother me.

Also, she recommended adderall, I take a tiny dose, 2.5-5mg most mornings, that helps as well, but I also have autonomic dysfunction. And I also drink pink salt water during the day. And prescription potassium as I’m usually low. She says 2-4tsp salt. I usually do 1/2tsp, 4x day in 20oz water. Table salt is a no-no. But make sure your BP isn’t high before doing a lot of salt.

She stresses how important it is to find fillers and ingredients that bother me. She has me use the NIH dailymed site to find out the ingredients of all the brands of drugs and prescriptions I take. Hope that helps.

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Zachariah I really appreciate you responding. The PDF was very informative! I am on bifidio probiotics but I don’t know if they work because so many of the foods on the list are my go to foods. And my doctor has me on Iodine which I now know is a no no. I cannot find a doctor here who knows anything about MCAS so I have not officially been diagnosed - was there a certain blood test or diagnostic tool you found?

I will continue my journey and REALLY appreciate you!




No prob, she used tryptase, histamine plasma and the Prostaglandins: D2 blood tests, from labcorp only. I had normal histamine, below normal tryptase and very high Prostaglandins. She said the urine tests arent very accurate, but she ordered it anyway, it was inconclusive.