Still so Confused

Can anyone who is a match to me tell me anything significant that I should know? I have had my results since March and still am thoroughly confused on how to utilize this site and my results. Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about your confusion, that is normal. This site used to be simple to navigate but unfortunately with all of the updates it’s getting more and more confusing all the time. I can’t even figure out how to do a snip match any more and I am really confused as to why.
There appears to be some videos on YouTube so I am going to check that out, hopefully it will be a good reference for us both.
Good Luck, Sonya

I thought I would give you something I do know and learned from when it was easier to navigate the site.

In simple terms the + means you inherited the variant from one parent and the - means you didn’t, +/+ means you inherited it from both. Where things confusing is, just because you inherited a variant doesn’t mean it has been turned on in your body.
I had a vitamin B deficiency despite taking vitamin B. My Dr has had me taking the MTHFR vitamin B vitamins. It took a little while but now I have normal vitamin B labs. That proved the variant was turned on for me. I hadn’t done the genetic testing yet but when I read my results I was +/-. My variant was turned on with only one gene passed down. - This is an important gene linked to depression and possibly why antidepressants don’t work for people. Antidepressants always made me more depressed and anxious.

Here is another example. I tested positive on both sides for all four M.S. genes variants; I have M.S. but I am a high functioning person with M.S. I was diagnosed before I did the DNA testing so we were quite shocked that I was +/+ for all four variants and thankful that I am doing so well.

I have learned that even though the information is there, use it as a guide to what you already know. Don’t assume because you are +/- or +/+ your body is going to turn it on.

I hope that helps you, Sonya


If you are confused then you should check out the book I wrote, which covers over 300 SNPs in great detail. The book is easy to understand while still being informative, and well researched. It covers health risks, how to avoid health risks with nutrition, diet, etc, and lans to monitor health for each gene. The is titled “Genetic Testing Defining Your Path to a Personalized Health Plan”, and can go along with a genetic report using 23andme raw data. Here is an article that I wrote about MTHFR, which is a tiny excerpt from the book. You can order the genetic report and book from this website.

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