Has anyone found a correlation between their MTHFR rs1801133 genotype and a risk of depression? Thanks

My genotype for MTHFR C677T rs1801133 is GG
Neither chromosome carries a genetic variation. i.e the variant allele A is not present in the genotype. But I have depression. I’ve had a hard time finding an effective medication. It could be because I also carry the CYP2C19 which could be the cause of a rapid metabolizers breakdown SSRIs too quickly, leaving too little active medication to be effective, potentially reducing their effectiveness due to CC genotype for rs12248560 and GG genotype for rs4244285 and GG genotype for rs4986893 and AA genotype for rs28399504 and TT genotype for rs41291556 compared to people with other genotypes
I have all of the above snp’s…

A web site with tons of info

The book “Genetic Testing Defining Your Path to a Personalized Health Plan” that covers many genes, over 300 SNPs in great detail. The book is easy to understand while still being informative, and well researched. The is titled “Genetic Testing Defining Your Path to a Personalized Health Plan”, and can go along with a genetic report using 23andme raw data. Here is an article about MTHFR, which is found at the website for the book and the genetic report that can go along with the book. You can order the genetic report and book from this website.

There is a bunch of info about depressioin