RS1801133-GG - Question 1

Looking to help understand MTHFR and what I can do about it. Could someone help me understand that a bit more?

My take on Mthfr…
Most people have at least one(or several) variants for Mthfr, therefore it’s highly unlikely that it’s the cause of anyone’s problems. If there are Mthfr mutations or variants that cause health issues, they’re not the ones showing up on tests like 23andme. Here’s a pretty good write up about it(by a company who wants to sell you a product! So if there were a shred of evidence that Mthfr was real, they wouldn’t be downplaying it. They would encourage people to buy tests so they can see if they have it!)

Thanks for the reply. My only concern is that I have been doing research on
MTHFR and found out I have a homogeneous mutation as shown below. And just
trying to understand how much methylfolate and b vitamins I should be

MTHFR C677T rs1801133 A GG -/-

MTHFR A1298C rs1801131 G GG +/+

There is only one MTHFR mutation that has been shown, be reliable, repeatable, studies to have any potential for adverse effects. That’s being homozygous for C677T.

You have that mutation, as do 9% of the population, as do I. If you research the science, rather than speculative clickbait websites, you’ll find just what that mutation means.

Being homozygous for C677T means that the MTHFR enzyme is more thermally labile. That means it is only about 30% efficient at converting methylenetetrahydrofolate to Methyltetrahydrofolate. But, for most people, the body can handle that just by making more of the enzyme.

For the small number of people who do have a problem it can be easily fixed by supplementing with methylfolate.

As I said, I have this mutation. I took methylfolate for two years. Then I switched to folic acid for three months. I noticed no difference at all.

Appreciate the response Frank. Have you discovered anything useful from
your results or personal changes that made a positive affect on your life?