There might be a correlation between having an MTHFR mutation and the response to certain types of anti-depressants. Have you found any medication that works well for you?

The only ones I could take were older meds, lithium worked the best but because I get migraines I had to stop so I could take my migraine meds

I’m assuming that if you know you have an MTHFR mutation, you know that means you can’t process folate from food properly and need to take L-methylfolate. If you’re not getting enough of the form of folate you need, this could cause depression. There are so many things that can cause the symptom of depression; I hope you will look for the root cause. See this article: I have had success with sublingual B-12 supplementation, L-methylfolate supplementation, exercise, and probably other things, but mine has probably somewhat been autoimmune-related.

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No, unfortunately, I haven’t. I just experience a bunch of side effects, sometimes anti depressants make me more depressed or anxious. Which I think kind of defeats the purpose. :slight_smile:
I hope that I was helpful in some way.
Have a good day!

All very interesting. I am not able to tolerate any of the newer Anti depressants, they actually make me worse.

A few years ago I met a Psychiatrist who told me that I had A Typical Treatment Resistant Depression and started me on Phenalazine. Very old, very cheap and exceptionally effective for me. You do almost need a science degree to take it and make sure you avoid the food and medication contra-indications that are many. The improvement was so dramatic that I was prepared to live with those limitations. Because I recently had a small injury that wouldn’t stop bleeding, I required urgent surgery. This is risky on Phenalazine, so I’ve been changed to something in the same family. that doesn’t have the same contra-indications.

I’ve just learned that I do have a problem with absorbing Vitamin B12 (thanks to Livewello) and have started on B vitamins. The effect is amazing.

There is so much to learn here. Thank you for being here

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