Wilson's Disease

Hi Everyone! I am new to this site and not sure how it works. I have a question regarding how SNP results translate into overall gene results. For instance, I just ran my livewello data for the 20 SNP’s associated with Wilson’s Disease Gene ATP7B. I came back with 7 of them homozygous and the rest clear. Sorry to be such a beginner, but how does this translate into whether I am hetero, homo or “nothing” for the ATP7B gene??? And ultimately, into whether I “have it” or not? I know my body has an aversion to copper at the moment . . but trying to figure out if just a bit overloaded at the moment or if this is a lifelong thing I need to watch . . .

Taking molybdenum can chelate copper and block copper absorption in the intestine. Tumeric/curcumin can partially restore protein expression of most ATP7B mutants with residual copper export activity. Add piperine to the tumeric for increased absorption.