LPa Cholesterol

Hi, I am trying to determine my cholesterol type, as my dad has LPa type cholesterol and has had a heart attack and a stroke before age 68. It’s hereditary, it’s scary. How can I determine my risk?

Your family history is a concern. The Coronary Artery Calcium Test is probably the best indicator for near term heart events but I would not start there.
I’d first listen 10 times to How to Get Well, Stay Well & Never Be Sick Again- Raymond Francis (Nov 2017) on YouTube. When Raymond Francis got sick he spent tens of thousands of dollars on testing and consultations and got worse. One treatment by a doctor finally killed his liver and he committed to figure things out himself. He did that by developing simple principals.
Trying to understand your risks relative to a parent is probably too complicated for today’s understanding of disease mechanisms. I think you would be best off just using a simple approach to making yourself healthy. Raymond Francis’ approach is one way but there are others.
I test twice a year on 60-70 blood markers that are analyzed with artificial intelligence to produce a chronic disease assessment which includes heart health. Lately the online service added an analysis for COVID-19 detailed risks (with or without vaccine). I use this testing more for motivation than for understanding. I can move my markers by simply eating, detoxing, or supplementing differently. My genetics make some things easier than others, but all markers seem to respond to lifestyle changes. The most important thing to getting or staying healthy is to find a method that you find rewarding, then commit and continue the ongoing investment in your health. One friend believes his good health at 90 is due to buying a house 1.5 miles from his job and walking from it and to it daily for the 30 years he worked.
If anyone is doomed because of their genetics, there is little a better understanding will accomplish so it seems best to just pick a lifestyle that addresses the concerns you have and tweak that to make it work.