Do you have a family history of dementia or alzheimer’s?

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Not that i know of. My father passed away at 53 however. My mothers family all seem healthy

My paternal grandfather had Alzheimer’s Disease

My Mom’s side were healthy. Her Dad was 92 when he died but his mind was strong. But my Dad’s side has dementia.

I’ve started taking Choline supplements - Citicoline and Alpha GPC.

My paternal grandfather and great uncle had Dementia/Alzheimers. Maternal grandmother and my aunt (earlier onset).

Father had early onset Alzheimers (50 years, +/-) with Lewy Body. Confirmed with brain biopsy and autopsy at death. He was a great guy.

My grandfather had Alzheimers

My family members have had some dementia in their 80’s but no Alzheimer’s. Ther does seem to be a genetic form of autonomic issues on my father’s mothers side. Both my father and grandmother had POTS and NCS symptoms but passed both passed away before Doctors began using these diagnosis.

My Father had early onset Alzheimers. We had him autopsied for Alzheimers and Parkinsons (Lewey Body) with positive results. I am 3/4 APOE. Fancy Boston hospitals said we were just paranoid. The autopsy was conducted at Emerson at Atlanta.


I think there was one person that I know of on my mothers side of the family that had Alzheimer’s. Everyone else who made it past 80 were just kind of slow and absent minded. I know nothing of my fathers side.

I was told my Great-Grandmother had it and my uncle said he suspected my Grandmother developed it late-onset too right before she passed away.

Have you read the aPOE4 and Alzheimer sections of the book “Genetic Testing Defining Your Path to a Personalized Health Plan”. The book covers health issues and how to avoid them. The book can go along with a genetic report too. Here is an article that is related to the book:

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