Local medical help

Lots of people on this site talk about making sure that you see a practitioner to make sure you get the correct treatment for the issues you have. Where I currently live in KY there is no one I can find who thinks any of the gene work is effective. I’m just wondering who people go to to get help with their results? Do you see a nutritionist, GP, other doctor or speicialist? I’m just trying to find options and local help. Thanks!

Hi, you could just post the question you want to ask directly on here. Or you can go to https://livewello.com/health/practitioners and directly inbox any of them. I’m sure you can get some good information that way, even if you don’t have practitioners in your state.

Hi Silverhare, same thing here in FL, NE region; there must be one doctor that knows about more than one thing…Prayers for you…all of us…

I would highly recommend you go to the Institute for Functional Medicine’s website, www.ifm.org and use their practitioner locator. Maybe you can find someone that way. I think functional medicine practitioners are the way to go for sure. Hope this helps! Hillary

Thanks, Hillary,
Thinking if i am going to hire anyone, since i did the functional expensive route, i have a guy i’ve been watching on docuseries for a year, that doesn’t believe in all the testing first, he, his wife and family have been thru the mill with Lyme, with parasites, etc.

Liver cleans first, then lymph drainage, then PARASITES, there isn’t anyone that has not done the protocol that did not have all different types of worms inside; So, once that stuff is taken care of, and a few of the other detoxes, my immune system will come back on line the way i was created, and fight off anything that’s lingering, including viruses, etc. If you want to watch a video of him, send me a PM. thanks so much. Have a great night and thanks for the link and for answering me!