Should I be seeing a geneticist

I really don’t understand much about this but trying my best , I have some serious mutations including suseptical to mini strokes which ice had 2 and says I have inherited breast cancer gene from both parents in red as well as over a hundred snps for ms and RA a mutation on the histocompatable gene etc , in general do most people have this or would many people have no genetic predispositions to conditions thank u for any help

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If you have one in your area I would definitely see one. There is NO genetics doctors in my state. Only a genetic counselor for pediatrics.

Call the closest teaching hospital. Ask for Patient Liason. Explain your situation. Put together your records. Call the Genetics Deparment, and ask to speak to an intake person. I have a rare mutation, and teaching hospitals wanted my genes. I got tons of free testing and some answers. Scary answers, but answeres none the less.