Chronic lyme, coinfections, autoimmune issues, mast cell

Guys, I’m new here and have major health issues. Is there anyone here that likes to look into ones genetic variances as well as current health conditions and offer suggestions? In short, I have chronic lyme and coinfections that habe completely altered my terrain. I also have Crohn’s Disease and polycyclic kidney disease. I lived a very “healthy” life until I had to be on 6 weeks of iv steroids for my last Crohn’s attack that wouldn’t budge with any of the biological I was on. My attack cleared up but the lyme bacteria took over and made a complete mess. That was 6 years ago. I was then on 2 yrs of iv abx, then 2 yrs of ivig, and in June, 2017 I had what was called immune modulation thru many iv’s and treatments and stromal vascular fraction SVF stem cell treatment. Doing the SVF completely ruined me and I’m now way worse than ever. It’s impaired me neurologically and I don’t know what to do next. Chronic neurological lyme is horrible to live with and there are no treatments that have worked for me. It’s complicated all aspects of my health physiologically and physically. Anyone have any insight? Thanks for reading :sparkling_heart:

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I have Hashimoto’s. I got so sick, I could barely swallow water. Chronic pain, etc. I finally found what worked for me. It was the autoimmune protocol diet. Within weeks, most of my symptoms were gone. The Hashimoto’s and the damage to my thyroid will always be with me but AIP has reduced all of my symptoms to nearly nothing. No pain, 75 pound weight loss without trying, no anxiety attacks, etc. We have so many members of our group and the causes of autoimmune disease are vast, but there is one website that you might be interested in that may help you. It’s called Beyond The Bite and yes, she was bitten by a tick and has Lyme Disease. Please check out her website. I hope it leads to some relief for you. Something as simple as changing your diet seems ridiculous that it would help but it does.


Sounds just like me!
I do wonder what genetics might be making things worse.
Let me know if you find out.