Comt v158m++ questions

I did the genova testing and the results I got were Apo E (3/3), MTHFR C677T (–), A1298C (–), COMT V158M (++), TNF-a -308G-A (–). On the NutrEval results I show as being deficient in RiboflavinB2, NiacinB3, PyridoxineB6, and FolicAcidB9. My theory is I have been getting adrenaline overload due to having COMT (++) because I have really bad general anxiety, and my doctor said I need the vitamins to be methylated for me to absorb them. These are the supplements that were prescribed for me, I ordered them but haven’t taken them yet.
Can anyone that is familiar with, or that has COMT++ check to see if the ingredients in these are safe for COMT++ to take? After trying so many different supplements and having negative effects I am very weary of what I take now. After reading about COMT++ I am trying to understand and concerned with becoming over methylated because there seems to be conflicting things between comt++ needs methlyation and it doesnt.

I am comt val 158 met, whatever that means, and I also have MTHFR issues. I have been taking enlyte for one week now, and have had to supplement with 250mg nicitonic acid to counteract the side effects

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I bet it wasn’t a real doctor that said vitamins need to be methylated to be absorbed.

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not sure what “real doctor” means but the doctor I see is a MD MPH. She said that with having comt v158m ++ I would need the vitamins methlated to absorb them properly. Because up untill now ive been taking unmethylated bcomplex and still deficient in folate b6 b12. Its all new to me, was just concerened because I read there might be a problem with over methylation

is nicitonic a niacin?

Yep we are the same then. Problems converting folate, need methylated version of certain vitamins.

Ask your MD for a rx for Enlyte. Its fda approved, and you will notice an immediate effect. Mental clarity, less anxiety, takes the edge off, calmer. Nicitonic acid is a specific form of niacin. I started to have negative effects from enlyte since im still getting used to it, and was told nicitonic acid helps. I had to get mine from behind the pharmacist counter, they dont sell it OTC at walgreens around here. Pharmacist had to make a phone call to ask if its okay to sell me without rx.

Methylated vitamin forms may not work for you. Activated forms may be better. Methylated forms may over load someone who has MTHFR issues. For example I take Mega Folinic which is an activated form of folate. For anxiety I use Magnesium L-Threonate which concentrates in the hypothamus.

Thanks, I am a bit confused about the whole MTHFR. My doctor said that with MTHFR C677T (–) I dont have issues methylating in the body but its the COMT v158m where I have trouble methylating in the mind. Does having MTHFR C677T (–) still make it hard to methylate? Or does just having either mthfr or comt make it harder?

You are unique and your Dr. can only guess as they all do. For me avoiding some of the methylated forms is better so I don’t overload the process. Tests just can’t give you minute by minute methylation in your body. You will have to experiment.

gotcha, thanks for the tips