Gphn gene (Molybdenum)

How significant are homozygous SNP’s for the GPHN gene? I have 10 homozygous, and 14 heterozygous. Please help me answer this question. Thank you in advance!

I only have three Homozygous in that, but have three very pertinent snps in the MOCS1 gene which actually fit better with symptoms I have. I started taking about a hundred fifty percent RDA of sodium molybdate in a multimineral tablet a few years before I got my genes done and found a big reduction in the sulfite headaches and the headaches I got from aldehydes. I have been taking a supplement now for about ten years, I make sure I have six months in stock at all times. It works for me, I also have less breathing problems than I have had throughout my life. I am sixty three, I never realized that I actually even had a problem that could be fixed, it was normal to have those headaches often.

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