HNMT, Homocysteine, No Asthma, Bizarre # of +/+?

I’ve run hundreds of genes on Livewello, and never saw a report with such a mass of red +/+ – EIGHTEEN of them, out of 44 SNPs, 19 of which were NG. Really extreme?? Anyone else have something similar? My issues are mystery neurological/neuromuscular stuff, not asthma.

This clip is the pre-print version. The print version showed the 19 NGs also. Not sure pic will turn out as I’m a newbie at this; will check after posting.

Many thanks, writeride

I have similar in other areas. What I have noticed, like with my MUSK genes that are a bundle, there is a matching bundle in an upstream or downstream function/gene. So where my MUSK is mutated radically, so are SLC transporter genes and twitch muscle to match. Which fits, since I have above average muscle without working for it. Not all are bad mutations and many of them exist because of something in our ancestry that required a change. I would like to think that the iron overload problems are because it was not avaiable in the diet for a long period, so the body learned how to store it better. Now it is availabe and in excess, and people with HFE genes get too much iron and can’t process it. So perhaps look at what this gene does chemically, or in what body functions it is active. HNMT is mainly in charge of histamine. Here it is related to asthma.
Either you have asthma related to histamine, or are protected from it by these mutations. Or, they are not even expressing, which is difficult to believe but RNA can correct some mutations before they transcribe into the final product. One day we will be able to measure that RNA, and then we will know exactly which mutations are expressing and in what tissues and proteins. Coming soon I think.
Regard, Mark J

Mark J,

So sorry it took me so long to see your considered reply. I much appreciate it. You sound very well read about all this; I’m impressed. I was looking at HNMT more for homocysteine than histamine-asthma. I have some other funky hits on homocysteine and related functions, so this HNMT bunch of red stuff came as a big surprise. Again, appreciate your input. Hope you find what you’re looking for.
Valerie OC