Which Type Of EDS

I am in the process of getting my formal Ehlers Danlos diagnosis, But based on this which type do you think I have? I have a brother with the syndrome and it’s been confirmed by 3 doctors. 23 and me did not cover the markers he had mutations on so I can’t look those up.

What we’re his markers? My geneticist told me all types are treated pretty much the same. 2g of vitamin C per day and optimal nutrition. I was diagnosed hypermobility but my kids have classic markers. I did my Genes for Good and I have classic markers as well as some other abnormalities.

I will have to check on that, But I know they were not the same as the 23 & me provided.

I showed all the bad SNPs to my EDS geneticist and he said, “We don’t use those. We go by your symptoms.” I got labeled with Type 3. Having a diagnosis helps when your knee subluxes and you go to your family doctor.