VDR BSM snp question

I’ve heard this snp cannot take Vitamin D, that we over covert it to D1,25, and it causes inflammation and kidney damage. Anyone have any info on this?

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I’ve read close to the same thing but only seen it from one source. http://gettingstronger.org/2012/11/why-i-dont-take-vitamin-d-supplements/

But then places like Vitamin D Council give different info.https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/topic/hello-d-council-my-doctor-advice-me-to-not-take-vitamin-d-supplement-nor-going-out-in-the-sun-living-in-norway-and-all-these-talk-about-importance-of-vitamin-d-i-start-wonder-if-this-can-be-rig/


I’m not sure which info is correct. Been looking for answers as well. I guess the best way to find out is to test the theory. Run your Vitamin D 25 and Vitamind 1,25. Supplement as the Vitamin D council suggests. Then run labs after a few months of supplementing to see how your levels have changed.

i just had blood draws for the D testing today along with other stuff, 8 tubes, So much to learn, praying for all of us to be healed…