Hi there. Has anyone here been able to cure their seasonal affective disorder? It get’s me every winter. Summers I am fine mostly. I have Hashimoto as well and my doc thinks it’s connected. My thyroid levels are not in range as I am still slowly increasing my NDT meds. Would like to hear some positive experiences :slightly_smiling_face: thanks

I have been there! Getting my thyroid in line, taking vitamin D ( check your levels first), and exercising 5 days per week. This has been life changing. Exercise may be the last thing you want to do- get a trainer if you can and just start. You can feel better.

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I have been taking Thorne Research Thyroid medicine plus 5,000 units of Vitamin D - I get both from I-Herb. You want your Vitamin D level to be between 50 and 70. Mine was at 15. They have solved my problems. I stopped the thyroid meds from the doctor as they didn’t help at all.

Thanks a lot! Good to know. I looked at Thorne thyroid meds. I see they have iodine and tyrosine in it. I take tyrosine as well, but only if I do not have a stress response. I go by how I feel that day. Gives me some energy and makes me more alert and able to function better and respond to my surroundings better. Iodine I read can be harmful with Hashimoto’s (according to K. Kharrazian) so I stopped it, but good to know it works for you. Thanks for your reply.

Thank you for your reply and the advice! I just bought liquid VitD3. Maybe that will give some improvement as well besides upping the dose (I tested my levels). Before my burnout I exercised a lot and that definitely made a change for the better in winter. Will try to get back to it bit by bit. Good to know this worked for you together with improving thyroid.