Type of Doctor to check disorders of the blood

Hi, I have a problem with many superficial blood clots and organs with lots of cysts on them. What types of doctors do I need to see to diagnosis what is causing my problems?
On my testing I have like 3 out of 16 categories for clotting factors and the HLA-DQB1, and many disorders within my body. I would like to know about chemical contamination with disorders like this.

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Try a functional medicine doctor. I use Dr Peter Osborne out of Sweet Water, TX.

Hematologists are the doctors who deal with blood system disorders. Maybe you can find a geneticist who understands hematology or a hematologist that understands genetics. Your may want to try a teaching hospital in your area.

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Immunohematologists are well worth a visit. Also, Immunologists, not just Allergists, are very heplful.