Migraine after taking Prilosec (omeprazole)

I recently had an episode of extremely bad “heart burn with acid reflux”. This was strange to me since I have always had a cast iron stomach without any symptoms like these. I was suggested by a friend to take Prilosec (omeprazole) which is an over the counter Proton Pump Inhibitors . I swallowed the suggested dosage for my weight and within 30 minutes experienced a migraine that hurt so bad I wanted to plunge my head into an ice bath. It lasted over 4 hours with slight nausea, vision impairment and delirium. Needless to say I have added this medication to the “don not take ever” list. After sleeping 12 straight hours the head pain , nausea and vision symptoms reduced. It was a good 24 hours before all the effects of the medicine ceased. I checked the Livewello profile and found very little except a
health report for CYP1A2 and also rs10849061 homogenous for rapid metabolism of PPIs. Has anyone else had a extremely bad reaction to Prilosec ?

I have to take lansoprazole (almost identical to omeprazole) on prescription because I take naproxen daily on prescription for my back. I had disc surgery 8 years ago and it was not totally resolved and further surgery isn’t a good idea for me. I don’t get the headache, I get the confusion thingy. The side effects of omeprazole and lansoprezole put headache at the top of the list if you look at the patient leaflet. I just take gaviscon now when I need to take naproxen. It doesn’t matter if I have the enteric naproxen/naprosyn or not, I can still get acid reflux if I don’t eat bland foods on the day, so I just try to take naproxen when totally necessary. Oddly, ibuprofen does not seem to bother me as much as naproxen, so I try to avoid the naproxen-lansoprazole song and dance altogether. Not worth feeling more demented than my age!! Good luck.

Sorry to hear that! I get people off PPIs all the time. If you have your raw data I can look for many other affecting variants using the clinical Opus23 platform. Much better than consumer programs like Livewello.

Just send it to

I see you are in the UK as I am. Is this a free service?