RS41291556-TT - Question 1

Has you had trouble finding an antidepressant that helps you?

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Wellbutrin brand only has worked for me.

Yes! I’ve tried MANY …Wellbutrin worked and made cigarettes taste awful but I remember feeling sweaty and amped up. I believe low doses of Lexapro (or was it Celexa? I’ve got memory issues as well) was tolerated but the other (pretty sure it was Celexa) and Zoloft were way too intense. I could notice the effect of the antidepressant almost immediately and I usually had to lay down for the rest of day, being unusually lethargic and out of it for 16-24 hours after ingesting. I just seem to be very sensitive and need small amounts of SSRIs, if tolerated at all.

I tried everything with zero luck. Allergic attacks, crazy thinking. Same with most drugs and pain killers, which never worked. I just live with it now.

Try having pain meds you would like to try formulated in liquid. Mostly any pharmacy can to that. Ask for children’s liquid. Get an eye dropper and put a tiny little bit under your tongue. If you have projectile vomiting or turn into a giant rash ball, it might not be the right drug for you. If you are brave (or desperate), try it again a week later. The tiny little dose can give you an idea of the side effects before you commit to taking a whole dose. I was able to take WAY less steriods using this, and with better effect.

Yes, I’ve tried them all!

Yes, nothing has worked for me as far as antidepressants go, but Vyvanse (for ADHD) does, though it’s meant for my ADD. I guess some people are prescribed ADHD medication off label for depression or sometimes along with antidepressants.

Has anyone in this thread tried mindfulness or hypnosis for mental relief ? Success or failures ?

I was had I went to Tibet when I was younger and walked in the path of Buddhi in search of enlightenment

I have a tough time with meditation, but I do practice self awareness as well as yoga.

I went to a 3 day professional licensing hypnosis class, hoping for help for insommnia and pain. I had zero luck on anything helpful to me, but I apparently I am a very good hypnotist. We got paired up to try to hypnotise each other. No one could hypnotise me, which annoyed the instructor. My partner went so deep it took me 40 minutes to bring here out again. She remembered nothing. I liked the class a lot, but I was kind of shocked at how powerful hypnosis can be. Just not powerful for me…