Looking at results of genes

I’ve always thought I had MS, a cat scan has shown Marlene depletion and lesions but not enough plaques to warrant a diagnosis, I do have extreme pain fatigue memory loss and feel very very ill so much so I can no longer work here is my results if anyone can enlighten me VDR BSM RS1544410 ALLELES TT +/+ … MAO A R297R RS 6323 ELLELS GT +/- … MTHFR C6777T RS1801133 ELLELS AG +/- MTR A2756G RS 1805087 ELLELS AG +/- MTRR A66G RS1801394 ALLELES AG +/-… MTTRR A664A RS1802059 AS +/+ …BHMT-08 RS651852 ELLELS CT +/- CBS C699T RS234706 AA +/+ Thank you if anyone could shed some light

Have you ruled out Lyme Disease? It’s difficult to diagnose (Igenex is best) and most doctors are not knowledgeable about it, but it sounds like a possibility to me. I was just diagnosed by my naturopath and believe I’ve had it for over two decades now. A stressful situation of tapering off medications and subsequent withdrawal allowed the bacteria to take over my system. Severe fatigue, body pain, memory loss, numerous gut issues, etc… I have most of these symptoms listed, maybe check them out and see if you feel it’s a possibility for you. https://canlyme.com/lyme-basics/symptoms/


Hello Dadeen,

Thank you for your post. I to have all the symptoms of Lyme disease, and co-infections. I am new here and hope to find out how my genetics can help and/or hurt the healing of Lyme disease. also looking for results of genes too.

Hi Dallen, thanks for the Site from Canada on Lyme. Made a word doc of it; Tho i had 2 strains (bands) on the Elisa test from Immunosciences Lab, every doctor had discounted these results bc i only have 2 bands.

What the heck does that mean, only a ‘little’ bit of Lyme? i DO remember my mom and grandma digging a tick out of my chest as a small girl, and have had illnesses off and on since age 41, now 63 and tho i had about a 5 or 6 years of much better health, had huge trauma and still working it out; basically homebound for 4 years…bed most of the time…

Bunch of other things as well, The doctors are very sparse, i don’t drive right now, and minimum of 2 hours away in Jacksonville, FL, and kind of over spending thousands on doctors…

Thanks again, i heard Igenex is best, do you know how much that test cost?

Hi Barbara,

Two positive bands (I was pos. 28 and 41) along with your symptoms sounds very likely to be Lyme. I believe I was infected at age 10 (now 30), likely in CT, and that the trauma of a very difficult withdrawal off of a number of psychiatric medications is what allowed the dormant infection to take over my body. A traumatic event seems to be common for the infection to flourish and really become apparent for people. At this point I am also nearly housebound and walking has become quite difficult among many other things.

Here’s a link to a forum I find helpful, maybe consider posting there to get some suggestions. http://www.healingwell.com/community/default.aspx?f=30 Igenex is quite expensive (you can check out their website), but there is a program that offers grants for testing if you are low income. My ND diagnosed me this a LabCorp Western Blot and also comparing it to IGenex guidelines. A Lyme-literate doctor is the type of doctor who can best help you. I am 2 months in to a 3 month wait for my first appointment. I wish I could offer more guidance, but I am still newer to all of this and extremely sick myself.

Overall, I would highly recommend looking more into Lyme and not just ruling it out based on doctors ignoring your results. It’s not an easy road, but I very much hope you’re able to find an answer to your issues and a doctor who can truly help you.

Thanks, Dadeen,
The Western Blot was negative, so that’s why the regular docs are saying No…They’re not Lyme Literate, though, anyway, and o how i wish i could take walks. I was on a ‘roll’ for about 5 weeks, able to drive the 12 minutes to the beach, find Peace there, and take walks, and always felt better, but it’s been awhile…

Thanks so much for the link, i’ll check it out, not too much on computer forums, as dealing with stenosis C4 to C7, and in lumbar, and now spine fusing itself (ankylosing spondylitis), which i guess it’s better God is fusing it bc i don’t do any ‘slice and dice’;

Have a blessed evening…thanks again (ps. i’ve had the genetic results for 2 years, and whenever i try to look it it and the other tests, i get overwhelmed and then the panic junk starts, so, i just keep praying for healing, i’ll pray for you, too…