Have you ever been diagnosed with a immune deficiency or suspect you have one?

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I’ve got a very tricky immune system due to genetics and the sequelae of multiple tick-borne illnesses. My issues manifest as peripheral neuropathies and Mast Cell Activation Disease (MCAD). My left hand, left foot, and right hand and arm are very weak. I also have genetic muscle wasting. MCAD includes Histamine Intolerance. After trying numerous prescription drugs with little to no success, I’m finding improvement with a vegan diet, exercise, and Energy Medicine practice. Since most of the immune system is in the gut, that’s where compensatory treatment should reside.

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I know I have auto immune issues, as I have the occasional psoriasis outbreak. I also had to have my appendix removed, am constantly sick or catching something, and have lymph nodes that seem perpetually swollen.

I have an immune system problem. I have had bacterial infections and viral. I was hospitalized for 2 severe infections and 2 viruses and in my 30’s.

I have Common Variable Immune Deficiency. Low IGG, IGA, and IGE. I went into anaphylaxis with Gamma Globulin. Be very wary of that stuff. I was diagnosed with mast cell and treated with zero improvement.