Microvascular Coronary Disease

I have searched in multiple websites for genome connection to Microvascular Coronary Disease or Small Vessel Disease without success. Has anyone on this chat been diagnosed with MCD?

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My doctor says I have small vessel disease. But no one has called it MCD. No matter. I’ve known since I was a child that there’s a family history of coronary disease on my Dad’s side. Most have died from circulatory issues in their late 60’s. My genome shows this propensity. For me small vessel disease has manifested in numbness and tingling in one foot, one hand, and my whole right arm/had. I’ve also got muscle wasting, another genetic propensity. I’m histamine intolerant and have related Mast Cell Activation disease. Another genetic propensity is strong reactions to insect bites, which triggers histamine. Search around in your genome and you may find some similar connections for your MCV.

I have this, and nitro patches helped me.
I got baby doses in a patch, and if my blood pressure was too low, I just took the patch off.