Small Fiber Neuropathy and gated sodium Channel blockers


I have small fiber neuropathy and I am trying to decipher a gene report that associates voltage gated sodium channel blockers SCN9A, SCN10a and SCN11a with this disease. I have one homozygous mutation on SCN10a and several heterozygous mutations on SCN9a and SCN10a. Several of my SNPs on the report are either NG or NF. Basically, I’m not sure how to inpterpret all this.


How did the small fiber neuropathy start? Mine started after a viral infection. I’m seeing a specialist who is 99.5% sure I have mast cell activation disorder, but she’s also checking for autoimmune causes to nerve damage. I have POTS, blood pooling, fluctuating blood pressure, reduced vibration, discoloration and reduced temp feeling in my feet. I haven’t looked into the sodium channels. Maybe the sodium channel make you vulnerable if the immune system acts up or maybe it causes the immune system to act up? I’ll see what these extensive autoimmune blood tests show in a couple weeks.