Folinic acid vs. methylfolate

When I take folinic acid I feel drowsy doesn’t matter which brand…I take 400mcg then 200mcg. The latter was tolerable but I took it at night so I’m not sure if it was because it was night time that I felt sleepy or if it was the folinic acid.
In contrast when I take pure encapsulation folate 400, L-5-MTHF I tolerate it well. I have mental clarity and more energy but not hyper or aggitated. I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Then there’s the 6-s methylfolate, I have tried that in multiple brands and it makes me so irritable and aggressive that I had to stop taking it.

I have researched this for a while now and can’t figure out why I respond this way to the different folate formulations. I feel like folinic acid should have the least side effect and should be most tolerable. Any thoughts would be appreciated. TIA.

Can you tell us why you are taking either of them???
And why it bothers you that you are reacting badly to 6-s methylfolate?