Exercise Crash - Low Catecholamines

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to this. Trying to figure out if my health issues are genetic, maybe someone have had similar problems that they’ve fixed? Any insights would be great and appreciated!

5 years ago I went through a extremely stressful time and it’s like a fuse blew and my health has never been the same. Seen doctors, therapist, naturopaths. Was having a lot of anxiety and still struggle with that at times, but feels more metabolic than situational.

Labs showed Adrenal fatigue, borderline prediabites, elevated liver enzymes, high cholesterol, candida, low vit D. I’ve been through adrenal fatigue protocol, emdr, Epstein Barr, and gut/candida diet and just ran a QEEG. All labs are back in range except neurotransmitters specifically Catecholamines.

Currently have low dopamine and very low norepinephrine and epinephrine, low glycine. I used to be very active and played sports, have had to scale back. Main issues are when I play basketball or lift weights I have great energy, eat, then 3-5 hours later hard crash. Brain fog, low mood, very fatigued and tired. Can go on up to 24 hours. On off days still have mood and anxiety issues. Tried tons of diet, supplements, and herbs…including Tyrosine and Mucuna. Helped focus, but still crash. HRV says I’m almost always stuck in a sympathetic state and QEEG says right front of brain is pretty underpowered. Seems like it could be a recovery issue? Appreciate any help, thanks all!

Methylation Variance Report.

I’ve had all you mentioned, plus a stroke, and no one has been able to help me , can’t keep food down, auto immune atrophic gastritis, in bed coming up on 3 years. Stuck in Sympathetic like a fire, all this time. So glad someone getting well!

It’s good you had catecholamines tested. Which ones were low? You should probably find an Opus23 certified nutrigenomics specialist to go over genetics and blood labs. Here’s my email: shoot me a quick reminder message and I’ll see what I can do this week.

I’m so sorry Barbie, that must be really hard. There’s got to be a clinician out there that’s got answers for all these mystery health symptoms. If I find them I’ll let you know. I pray you start to feel better!

Thanks Val, appreciate the help. It’s dopa/epi/noriepi all very low. ’ll shoot you an email.

hi Kyros,
Meditation can help you with the Brain retraining. I did a program called Gupta, it has helped me with Brain. Now i enjoy moon meditation as often I see the moon, and I have found a relaxing hobby with watercolor painting in adult coloring books. I try to spend an hour a day doing this if possible.
For the Candida, years ago I took Cololdial Silver. Now I try to limit my sugar and have gave up alcohol. I use maple syrup as my main sweetener. And is VERy important that I take very strong Probiotic daily to maintain Gut health.
Mood and anxiety for me are controlled by balanced diet, adequate sleep (in a dark cool area) loads of fresh air (daily walks) opening windows in car and home as much as i can and I take magnesium glyclinate which helps and also helps with stiff muscles and constipation.
I used to supplement the Vitamin D and now I just spend an hour a day outdoors.

It is my guess that exercise may be killing off some of the Epstein Barr which causes a rebound of symptoms. I have that too and have not figured out a good protocol for it. But exercise on a regular less intense schedule seems to help. Good luck to you.

Thanks Kyros for the prayers, hoping to somehow get house on market, and will be moving to perhaps, SE Georgia, thanks for prayers that i’ll make it there to get away from this city. Bless you forever…b

The good part of what you’re doing is understanding how difficult it is to find any magic bullets with your health. The bad part is you are still seeking a magic bullet, with geneticists this time. Your body has a million years of experience understanding how to make you feel good (through your genes). My advice is to use that.

Brain fog, low mood, very fatigued and tired…sounds like a dysregulated gut and systemic toxins. The consensus of highly effective doctors who treat dysregulation is to start with detox. Add to that a cleanup of all foods and liquids consumed. A spore probiotic (as Megaspore or Thrive) adds 5 or 6 keystone strains that help balance all the other thousands of gut microbes. Also taking a soil-derived, scientifically-backed mineral supplement like Restore helps. It has been shown in lab studies to strengthen tight junctions in the gut wall and rebuild the firewall against toxins entering the body. Doctors with more to say: (Dietrich Klinghardt, Zach Bush, Tom Cowan, Kiran Krishnan). Dr. Klinghardt would probably put you on a Lyme protocol just to calm your retroviruses that now compromise regular function. Dr. Cowan would probably put you on his supplements to make it easier for you to diversify your diet.

Eating a dozen or more different plants each day (>100 per year) provides the body with what it needs to get back into balance (I eat 40/day). Each person has varying tolerances for them, so you need to be vigilant to find what works. The difference between bad and good health is enormous so rewards more than compensate effort. Each plant adds its own adaptogens which are chemicals that the plants generate to cope with their environment. By eating them, you help your body provide similar protections. Plants exposed to a crisis (drought) may have too much of an adaptogen, so surprises are not uncommon. High doses of vitamin C, though, can be used to donate the electrons needed to neutralize anything toxic (Dr. Thomas Levy), since all toxins exert their damage by stealing electrons from healthy cells.

My advice is to get diversity in your gut flora, so your body has what it needs to do its thing. The body is smarter than a team of the smartest doctors so give it what worked over the last million years. Fasting is an important part of that. Time restricted eating is not difficult, and the benefits are quick. With fasting: you remove damaged or senescent cells, detoxify, increase fat burning, increase energy levels, improve cognitive function, and develop healthy inflammatory responses where needed.

What I would not do is listen to the people who now will claim they understand how genes work in a specific case. The past forty years of nutritional guidance could not have been more wrong and the next forty years of genetic guidance will probably be no better. In a culture where information is used to make money, it will be impossible for you to distinguish between good information and bad. I think self-hacking will help anyone who has worked with their own health management as you have. Your body’s responses will help you figure out what you need to get better.

I walk for an hour plus each morning while listening to health podcasts. Over a year, that is over 400 hours. Some I listen to a dozen times. The most important thing I learned is that the body is your best doctor. Shield it from the standard American diet and American medical standards of care, and you will find what you want, and have fun doing it.

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Thanks so much for your encouagement, yes, though i worked with integrative in N Ga in 2016, there were pathways not cleared, even in the Kreb’s Cycle. At that time, i was able to keep foods down, i SO want to walk a few times per week, but the students flying small aircraft 200 feet over roof, w leaded gas. A group of us worked with the corrupt airport manager and County Commission, many families are moving, they refuse to help us. I’m sure the constant droning, humming is what gave me a stroke, as the executive airport was closed when we bought our home, i collapsed once they re-opened which no one knew about in 2016. Frequencies and high traffic on road outside bedroom, head and ears buzzing, shrill 24/7, like i’m in sympathetic storm. Finally, the neurologist will do an MRI when it gets approved. Since dealing with so much auto immune, he is testing for auto immune brain, just like that movie Brain on Fire, on Netflix, and to rule out other stuff… Also have many TBI’s, i do force myself to PT 2x week, his specialty is neuro and orthopedic and vestibular training, strength training, just have to believe i will get better, and can eat more foods. (preparing foods is difficult, and the process itself and smelling of food, so sensitive. I did buy Megaspore, and did NOT open it yet, they sent me instructions for very sensitive people, start with 1/4 capsule daily, hopefully i can start that soon, Hard to get nutrients down… Thank you so much, again…b