Cortisol Crazy

Does anyone out on this site struggle with cortisol issues? My CRHR1, NR3C1, NR3C2, and a lot of FKBP5 are homozygous. When I test (saliva and 24 hour urine) I always test high cortisol. In addition to the above mentioned snp’s I possess almost all cyp11b1 homozygous. Any, and all responses, would be appreciated.

Interesting, I never thought about it being genetic. I have the same problem, my cortisol tested up at 2 pm and melatonin kicked in at 2 am. I have worked very hard to be able to fall asleep earlier but sadly I can’t seem to get my brain to wake up.
I would love to hear how others have been successful. I have researched for five years with no success.

I have a difficult time with it. I have all the symptoms of Addison’s disease. But my cortisol labs are just the opposite. I have very low blood work. CBC is low and hormones are low. Cortisol levels are always very high.
I have a paradoxical effect with all supplements and medication which makes things a little more complicated as well. Comt and Mthfr are also homozygous.

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Have you gone through and looked at the frequency of each snp to see how common and rare some of your cyp11b1 are?

Yes I have. However, I cannot tell if the frequency and the importance are high or low if that’s good or bad. Do those numbers mean the number of tests that have been run on that particular gene? Or does that mean the percentage of the population that has the gene with or without symptoms?

The post said we have the same SNP match. My blood work runs on the upper-normal end for cortisol. Tested twice around 20-22, for AM cortisol.

Someone told me to do the saliva to see your “usable levels,” it was on the low side of normal. Just under the normal curve for morning, noon and night. So it’s almost like I’m not absorbing it or it’s not hitting the receptors.

Search “Selfhacked” glucocorticoid receptor deficiency. It gives some great insight. Let me know what you think, and how you’re doing.

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All I know is I’ve got “adrenal burnout”. And looking back I probably have always run hot on cortisol. My mom and dad were both adrenaline junkies. Everything was an emergency with my mom and my dad was a workaholic. I’ve done a lot to move away from those attitudes. But I’m definitely burned out! It’s strange to go from being always on the go to having no energy at all. For a while I couldn’t muster a stress response at all. I’m on a nutritional program that’s supposed to help me recover some adrenal function and it seems to be working.

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I guess I have a SNP match with you, but I’m not certain which one. I’ve had symptoms of low cortisol levels, but it never shows as being low when tested. Perhaps it’s something more that is being missed… who knows.

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