Does any on know how DNA can affect diagnosis of (DISH) Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis? New to this

Hi, I am new to genetics and would love any help to understand how I may improve my overall health. I have DISH. I would love any help in what methylated vitamins or other treatments that anyone knows of that could be helpful to get me started. Thank you.

ATG16L1 ++
FoxE ++
GSTM3 ++
HLA ++
IFH1 ++
MTCO3P1 ++
TRAF1 ++
ACE ++
NDFU58 ++

AND in Methly group (±) SOD3, SHMT1, NOS, BHT, COMT, COMT H62H, FUT2 (all 3) MTHFR C667T, MTHFS

AND Mitocondrial (±) ATP5, CCL2, NDUFS8, SLC191

Where should I start and what methyl B-12 or Folate should I take? Any other thoughts.

Genetic Genie has good information about methylation and detox issues, and it is cheap, but a bit dense/hard to read.

Nutrahacker is pricier, and still limited in what it can say without running afoul of the FDA, but it helped me hugely with figuring out foods and nutrients and drugs I need / need to avoid. Even the free sample report can help some, when compared with your own actual results.