Combining health and family history

Hello, I’ve just found this after being directed by my immunologist. He suggested I do my DNA and use Livewello.
I was going to use Ancestry for family history as my family is trying to solve a problem and my DNA will do that, and they’ve used Ancestry.

However, I’ve heard 23&Me is better for the health side, which us becoming more important.
Livewello site says they can use either, but wondering if 23&Me get more results than Ancestry in health areas.

Sorry if this seems to ramble. I’m new at DNA and not sure of the terminology.

I’ve used both services for DNA. Currently, I think 23andme is more accurate but having said that, ancestry is trying to rise above 23andme by starting their own health data service which will look beyond the genes 23andme offers but it’s still in the works and will be available sometime this year. It’s only available to current members as of yet but they have a waiting list for new members.
Another very helpful site once you have your DNA is Their basic data viewer is free but you can purchase apps that dig deeper. Sometimes they offer a few free during the year. Good luck to you.

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Ancestry is best for family ancestry data. Livewello is really good but they do have some faults with some of their templates. Just make sure you bring anything you find up with your doctor for verification. Promethease is another good site.

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Of the ones you listed, 23andMe raw data plus livewello are the best. We use 23andMe for those in a budget. Opus23 / DSL genetic testing, however, is more accurate and has twice the number of SNPs. Are you in the US?

Thank you for this info. I’m in Australia.
I have a family history riddle which only my DNA can solve. The others in the family have used Ancestry for their DNA.
However, my immunologist thinks I have some very interesting genetics and suggested Livewello, which he can decipher.
He mentioned 23&Me, but I see Livewello can use Ancestry as well.

So I guess my question is…if I use Ancestry, will I get as much health info from Livewello as I will if I use 23&Me.