DNA testing for raw data: which one?

I want my DNA tested to be able to pull the raw data for health purposes. I couldn’t care less about the “ancestry details”. So many companies out there are doing DNA testing. Which one would give me the most information? As in testing for the largest numbers of gene/gene mutation/markers. There’s the obvious 23&me and but who else could possibly be a better option? Genomind? CriGenetics?

Ancestry + DSL combined dataset is best. Find an Opus23 practitioner in your area. Or use a TeleHealth service.

What is DSL combined dataset? I’ll check on the practitioner. Thanks.

23andMe v5 version is missing key SNPs especially MAOA / MAOB. Ancestry has those but is missing APOE Alzheimer’s SNPs.

The best combination is data and DSL data. The company is DiagnosticSolutionsLab. The program that blends and analyzes both datasets is called Opus23. If you need info on that just email me at

What health concerns do you have, i just did this and used livewello

No specific health concern but I would like to know how my body interacts with various drugs/supplements. To see how it’s being absorbed (or not) and which possible interactions/side effects I might experience.

Which DNA test kit did you use?