23andme vs Ancestry

Does anyone know if there are differences in the rawness data you get from ancestry dna vs the raw data you get from 23andme? I know 23 does their own health screenings but when you can get better or more thorough and specific health screening results with raw data by bringing it here to livewello, is the price difference between the two worth it?

I did not think the health information from 23 was worthwhile. I have read that Ancestry tests more genes which could be important!

The raw data is identical, I have had both done and there was no difference. You use either one to upload into health sites such as livewello, prometheus, etc to get health info, you do not get any health info directly from ancestry and a small amount now fron 23andme, the real useful info will come from the other specific sites you use to upload the raw data to.

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Actually the raw data is identical from both sites

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I have found just the opposite. The Ancestry test is just that and does not have any health information.
My brother bought the $99 ancestry test and has no access to health info at all. I bought the $200 23andme and can export that data to livewello, genetic genie etc.

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The point is they supply the same identical “raw data”, it is up to you what you do with the raw data, you can upload raw data from either of these companies to a variety of on line sites that will provide you with extensive health info. Several years back 23andme did provide a health analysis until the fda stopped it, now they privide “raw data” only with the exception if a few reports on health related items.

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You can export the ancetry raw data to various sites as well, the 23andme costs $99 now and they have specials from time to time for less

Bear in mind that 23andMe have recently switched to a new chip and that many SNPs included in their raw data in the past are not included in the new (v5) raw data.

Thanks for the answers. I had questions along the same line. In trying to analyze my information from Ancestry, there was a lot of unanswered questions because the information from my Ancestry DNA test did not have all the SNP’s necessary to determine anything. I was thinking about doing the 23&me test to help fill in the blanks. I guess that it would just be a waste to do that.

Does any test provide all the snp’s or which one provides the most?