APOE rs 429358 gene questions

I am trying to figure out how I tell whether I have type 2,3,4 version of this Gene…


The APOE status is defined by rs429358 and rs7412.

Mine is TT/CC which is ε3/ε3.

The others and odds of getting bad outcomes are:


I’m sure this is constantly changing as people learn how to hack their health outcomes. If you know you have a highly inflammatory ε4/ε4, you would stay away from sports with head trauma and you would manage your inflammation. 65% of Alzheimer’s patients have at least 1 ε4. They are more able to survive parasites and other pathogens but not so able to protect their brains for 100 years.It is nice to know early now what your status is so you can stay out of the boxing or MMA arenas when your opponent has an advantage.