Apoe4 finding out if you have it

How do we screen ourselves for apoe4 using 23andMe data and livewello?

Assuming you’ve spent the $20 to upload your 23andme data, after login go to the genetics tab and click ‘Search for SNPs’. Then type in the rs number, in this case it’s rs429358 for APOE4. This will give you your data and a good starting point for research.


Actually, there are two genes that you need to look at to get your APOE status. Check out this link and it shows you what to look for - see the table for genes rs429358 and rs7412. Let me know if you have any questions. http://genomesunzipped.org/2011/05/calculating-your-alzheimers-risk.php

looks like I am

rs429358 TT
rs7412 CT

my CT variant of rs7412 is not listed on the article you sent on the chart?

I am also TT for rs429358 and CT for rs7412, do you know what this means?