What Am I looking at here?

Trying to figure out if I’m having histamine/mast cell issues so I ran this report.

Laymen’s terms, what am I looking at here…


Hi, your DAO looks fairly compromised, but only you can tell if you are not breaking it down adequately by symptoms you have on a daily basis.

Do you have to take antihistamines to function? Do you notice a runny/stuffy nose or itchy eyes after eating a particular food, or being in a particular environment? Does your gut break down food properly and do you have normal bathroom trips? Do your joints ache? Do you have skin reactions anywhere on the body?

Mast Cell issues are usually in the gut and histamine spreads itself out throughout the body including the gut.

I am researching this subject currently as I have found as I heal one area of the body other symptoms such as this one come to light for me as well. Good luck learning what your symptoms are trying to tell you :slight_smile: