Premature Ventricular Contractions

Can anyone add any insight into this condition? Are there people with it with no underlying heart condition? Is it genetic or simply age related?

lvhounds: many people walk around with PVC’s all their lives. I’ve had mine for over 35 years, (since age 32) but they’ve never caused a problem. Mine are worsened with caffeine, MSG, or serious stress. There are different things that can cause them. I do not know if there is a genetic component to this, as none has shown up in my reports. I am a retired nurse and used to work in an ‘Electrophysiology Lab’, where we did studies on the electrical system of the heart. If you are having a lot of PVC’s, my advice would be to see your primary doc, or a cardiologist, and perhaps start with a Holter monitor to wear at home for a day or so, or even a stress test (if you are older). Please see a doctor especially if you get symptomatic from them.

I have been diagnosed with PVC’s 12% of my day using a Holter monitor last year. My cardiologist said that if beta blockers do not work then they will end up doing an ablation on my heart. I am only going to be 39 yrs old this year. I have not read anything that this is a genetic thing so far and I’ve been reading genetic info on and off for 5 years now. All I know is that when I was diagnosed with anxiety years ago it could have been my heart all along. I believe high amounts of stress for long periods of time have contributed to the condition. If there are any genes related it would probably be the response to stress or adrenaline.
If there is any genetic play here please respond and keep me posted.

I have PVCs too, but no known underlying heart condition. I’ve been told it’s normal for some part of the population; and no medical action or further investigation is needed.

I use the Milner Acetylcholine Protocol. Basically, egg yolk lecithin and B5. When mine are bad, I have them 75% of the time. Never heard of a genetic link. I likely have mitochondrial disorder.