OXYCODONE AND CYP2D6 DRUGS - RS1135840-CC, RS28371725-CC, RS16947-GG, RS1065852-GG - Question 1

Do you have problems taking pain killers?

Aspirin and Tylenol are the only painkillers I take, which is rarely. Luckily I have a high pain tolerance. My genome warns against Ibuprofen use. Given the addictive tendencies of stronger drugs, I wouldn’t take them.

was advised several years ago by an orthomolecular doctor looking at my gene scan (includes CYP2D6 and C677T methylation issues) that I should be alert that many medicines for “acute emergencies” are likely to fail with me. When I asked what that means, he said “anesthesia and painkillers.” Interestingly, many years ago on two separate occasions when I was given a precedent to vicodin (once for dental pain, once for shoulder bursitis), it didn’t “take” and I took serial doses, as allowed, to no avail…and after a matter of hours and multiple doses, I totally crashed. He suggested this was because my snps make me “an over-methylizer” of emergency drugs—meaning my body uses them so fast they seem to have no effect. On subsequent dental surgeries and an appendectomy, I had to have much higher dosages than normal of anesthesia for it to “take.” I am, BTW, a recovering alcoholic of 35+ years who once had a vast capacity for alcohol (go figure–it makes sense), so I stay away from all of that kind of medicine and, so far, find that arnica montana under the tongue for moderate pain is all I need and want. Luckily, I have needed no acute pain intervention.

Tramadol and codein have helped my pain levels, but it seems I have had to take higher doses than other people that I know to get the same benefits. Any medications like those don’t seem to help like they should. I don’t bother taking ibuprofen, aspirin or other over the counter medications, they don’t help at all. I have had bad luck with Novocain as well. It usually wears off during dental procedures even with higher doses. Luckily, I have a high pain threshold.

Oxycodone and tramol don’t work at all. I take msContin for my chronic back pain. I read that people with my gene don’t respond to oxycodone and that is spot on.


Does the fact that I can eat them like tic-tacs count after surgeries count ? I have woken up during surgeries. It’s awful! Aspirin works for minor things, which is good. I don’t need painkillers but it is horrible when you tell your doctor I need more than normal people (after a surgery) and they laugh!

Novocaine is worthless to me… Just fix my teeth fast!

Have you read the CYP2d6 and pahse I detox section of the book “Genetic Testing Defining Your Path to a Personalized Health Plan”. The book covers health issues and how to avoid them. The book can go along with a genetic report too. It covers over 300 SNPs

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Benadryl works best!

Vicodin makes me throw up, gives me a reaction.

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