Modafinil (Provigil) has no effect on me, even at high doses


Despite LiveWello’s report on Modafinil response, saying I “might have an increased response to modafinil, due to AG genotype for rs1128503 compared to people with other genotypes. Other clinical, genetic or environmental factors may influence this outcome.”

Just the opposite is true. At the standard dose of 200mg, it has no effect on my alertness, wakefulness, cognition, mood or any other expected (typical) responses. Curious, after a few days of nothing, I increased to 400mg with similar lack of effect-- on up to 600mg and then 800mg with no noticeable effect on alertness/wakefulness. Considering it is specifically for this and seems to work fantastically for most those who use it, my complete lack of response is baffling to me.

Can anyone offer any possible explanation or suggest an area to look towards to find out why this drug just does not work for me at seemingly any dose? I stopped at 800mg as this was the upper end for clinical trials, at which it became “intolerable” for most respondents.

Btw- this is not due to tolerance, as there was no response from the first time I ever took it. I have also tried Nuvigil (the isolated active isomer of the drug) with the same result.

Thoughts? It has me stumped. I can take 600mg-800mg of this stuff and sleep like a baby right away, or if I take it then try and wake up an hour later, it is no easier.


My genetics says I am supposed to not have much response to it, but when I was prescribed modafinil, It got me pretty high. Colors got bright. I was on depakote for my epilepsy and they gave me modafinil to help me think, the Depokote kind of killed my short term memory, Genetically, I found I cannot detox any of the anti-epileptic meds I was prescribed, so it matches pretty good with all the problems I had. I was taking two five hundreds of modafinil three times a day though, that was a high dose. Maybe it had to be high to work, they kept increasing it till it actually worked.