Looking for help in dealing with my Autoimmune conditions (Psoriasis and Psoriatic Spondylitis)

I apologize for the long topic subject. I am really new to this in general with SNPs and reading these genetic reports with a proper eye. I have had psoriasis for the past 18 years since I was 13. And, now I was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis involving my back and SI joints. They find bilaterial damage to my SI joints but it’s very mild.

They want to start me off with humira and NSAIDs but reading my SNPS apparently I have greater sensitivity to NSAIDS in general. I need help with using the information I have in regarding my SNPS to somehow figure out if medications like biologicals will work for me and take different supplements to control my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

I’m just a bit overwhelmed trying to figure this all out and could use some guidance and help. By the way is there any geneticist doctor that treats people with autoimmune disorders and sulfur intolerance problems here in America or around the world? Any help with that as well would be greatly appreciated as well.

Have you looked into Dr. Axe’s web site?

If you know your blood type then Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet will tell you what foods are good for you and what foods are bad.

Here is a list of recipes. Click on your blood type and secretor status.

To find your secretor status lookup FUT2 rs601338. GG/AG = secretor; AA = non-secretor

Dr. D’Adamo’s worksheets.

Use the blood type diet to help avoid foods on Dr. Axe’s sight so as not to increase any autoimmune disorder (possible leaky gut).

If you are not familiar with hypothyroidism I recommend you consider the information at the following site:

If your TSH is over 1.5 I recommend you become familiar with the following site:

Good Luck

Genetically, my maternal haplogroup, U5a1b is prone to psoriasis and anklylosing spondylitis. Mom had psoriasis. All we know for sure is I have an inflammatory disease that responds to prednisone. (Well, I have other things wrong, notably, immune deficiency.) I can’t take NSAIDs and you probably can’t either. They make me bleed. I would not take a biologic because I’m sure I would get cancer so fast, it would make your head swim.

I take molybdenum for the sulfur problems, (CBS upregulation.)

I’ve taken NSAIDs on and off and haven’t had a bad reaction yet despite one of my SNPs saying I may have increased sensitivity. As for biologicals I do not know if I’m prone to it either or not. I thought there wasnt anyway to test this? And, I’ve gotten tested for hypothyroidism but the results came back normal.

Is there anyway I can show you all my entire SNPs I have one from Rhonda Patrick’s site and one here so how am I able to make you guys view my SNPs so you all have a better idea of what’s going on with my body risk wise to supplements or other medications and what may actually work with me as well.

I’m a non secretor for FUT2 rs601338 AA is what i got.

Dr. Mom, what SNPs should I look for in order to determine if I have an immune deficiency? I tried looking up U5a1b but I didn’t get anything in the search results.

The way to test for immune deficiency is to ask your family doctor to do an immunoglobulin panel.

The maternal haplogroups are not in the same place in 23andMe as the raw data is.

Secretor/Non-Secretor article:

"Autoimmune Disease

Non-secretors appear to have an increase in the prevalence of a variety of autoimmune diseases including ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthropathy, Sjogren’s syndrome, multiple schlerosis, and Grave’s disease."

I have pictures of my immunoglobulin panel actually dr. mom here it is. Apparently everything is normal besides ESR which was 26 and CRP little on high side but within normal range at 8.63

So where would i find raw data for haplogroups? Are they listed in livewello database?

HI Stufa, it is correct that there is no way to tell from your SNPs at the current time whether you will respond to biological agents. The only connection I know of is that having HLA B27 is associated with getting psoriatic arthritis. Your doctor should be able to go over the data for and against biologicals for psoriatic arthritis. One thing to consider asking about is the long term effects on the rest of your body (aside from the joints and skin) of the inflammation associated with psoriatic arthritis. There are data indicating that the risk of heart disease and stroke are elevated in all inflammatory arthritis conditions and that the biological agents can reduce this risk, in addition to helping with joint and skin inflammation. All medications have risks and benefits so I would suggest discussing the risk-benefit analysis with your doctor. The Arthritis Foundation has excellent information on this and related subjects. Here is a link to just one of the many sources of information on the Arthritis Foundation web site:

Good luck
A fellow arthritis patient

The maternal haplogroups also have associations with psoriasis, Crohns, AS etc. If you type your haplogroup into a search engine, you may find what you’re looking for.

I’m a U5a1b. We’re prone to AS and psoriasis.