Hypoglycemia and low blood sugar


My hypoglycemia has waxed and waned over my life. It never went away, I’m 32 now. I struggled if I skipped a meal as a child and teen. I also craved sugar all the time as a child. It’s as if my body pumps out too much insulin all the time? My mom and siblings are the same. I envied that people could just skip a meal without becoming weak as hell. Anyone have a similar problem?



I totally understand your blood sugar issues. I am 47 and have suffered daily but I very recently have started the keto diet and I feel so much better already. None of the cravings that controlled me and no yoyoing. I weaned off of carbs in a couple of days. Now if I take my meds with about two small swallows of OJ it helps me just enough.:slight_smile:
I hope this helps. I also need to loose weight so I went full keto. If you are at a good weight I would just do low carb if you are interested. My doctor as well as my mother in law’s doctor have given it the thumbs up.:slight_smile:



I used to have the same symptoms. I have been eating a keto type diet and use intermittent fasting which has helped.



I’m 68 and had this all my life. When I had sugar I would simply pass out and no one knew why. Then I would have a headache that lasted 4 days and caused the right side of my face to become paralyzed. Finally at 32 a doctor told me about hypoglycemia (a new concept) and to eat every 4 hours. And to have ABSOLUTELY no refined sugar, glucose or honey and only 2 pieces of fruit a day. I stopped that day. If I skip a meal I go shaky, light headed and can’t drive. It’s not worth it, so I carry nuts in my bag all the time. Occasionally when I’ve been out something has accidentally had sugar in it and -bang- there I go again. I just live with the rules and I’m fine - no sense in worrying about it. Lots of other things in life that are worse !!!